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What Customer Service Benefits Does Schetky Offer?

Schetky Bus and Van Sales works hard to ensure our customers’ needs are met during every step of the bus buying process. After all, buying a new van or bus is a large investment. As such, it’s important to rely on the best bus and van dealer for all your bus maintenance and equipment needs. […]

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How To Find The Best New And Used Bus Dealer Across the United States

  Buying used or new buses for sale is a hefty financial investment. As such, you want to ensure you visit the best bus dealer before you make your final decision. Unfortunately, finding the right new and used buses for sale isn’t always easy. Here are some savvy tips for selecting the right bus dealer […]

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Equipment Features Every Medical Van Should Have

If you’re on the market for a great medical van, you need to ensure it has the proper bells and whistles designed to keep your passengers safe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re transporting folks with special needs or just require senior living vans — there are a number of features to consider before making your […]

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How To Prepare To Buy A New School Bus

Buying a new school bus can be a big investment — as such, it’s important you do a bit of research before you make such a large commitment. You should ask yourself some key questions before buying a used or new school bus for sale. Without further ado, here’s how you should prepare to buy […]

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How To Plan the Best Day Trip For Your Senior Residents

When you want to treat your seniors to a special day, there’s no better way to break the monotony than by bringing them somewhere new. While not all seniors are equipped to travel for long distances, a day trip might be the perfect compromise. Here’s how to make your senior residents’ day trip the perfect […]