According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 18.6 million Americans are self-reported as having travel-limiting disabilities.

Schetky Bus and Van Sales provides accessible transportation solutions catering to the needs of all individuals, including those with temporary or permanent conditions that make it difficult to travel outside the home. Wheelchair lift buses are designed to offer a safe and convenient way for everyone to travel with dignity and comfort.

What are the Benefits of Buses with Wheelchair Accessibility Features?

Wheelchair accessibility is a crucial and thoughtful feature in buses equipped with wheelchair lifts. These buses comply with disability laws and provide accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges. This increases inclusivity, expands market reach and enhances a business or organization’s public image as inclusive and accommodating to all individuals.

Types of ADA-compliant Wheelchair-accessible Buses

Low-Floor Bus with an Entry Ramp 

A low-floor bus with an entry ramp provides a dignified and equal approach to entering a bus. Wheelchair passengers and those with disabilities can enter the bus utilizing a ramp at the same entry door as ambulatory passengers.

The exteriors are built with materials that prevent rust and corrosion, ensuring durability, ease of use and efficiency in transportation services.


  • Provides inclusivity for all passengers
  • Offers the safest, most comfortable and most reliable models that meet industry standards
  • Have flat, level interior floors and the highest-grade slip-resistant flooring preferred by transit and senior living customers
  • Have more interior space to facilitate passenger navigation and allows wheelchairs to perform 360-degree turns efficiently 
  • The four-corner kneeling suspension can lower the bus to minimize the slope of the entrance ramp
  • Built to withstand rigorous use and far outlast similar products
  • Meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requirements
  • Receive our best-in-class service and support for the lifetime of that product

Standard Floor Wheelchair Lift Buses

The standard floor bus is your typical bus with steps at the entry door for ambulatory passengers to enter. Wheelchair users enter the bus through a separate entry that is wider and allows for a stable lifting platform to raise the passenger high enough that the lift platform is level with the interior floor, and the wheelchair can proceed into the vehicle’s interior.

Wheelchair lift buses play a crucial role in ensuring accessibility for all passengers, in compliance with the ADA requirements. These buses are designed with spacious interiors to accommodate wheelchairs and allow easy navigation for ambulatory passengers.

Standard floor buses with wheelchair lifts also offer a separate entry point and lifting platform to ensure wheelchair users can board effortlessly. Our ADA buses cater to passengers’ diverse needs.

Low-floor Bus with Wheelchair Ramp or Standard Floor with Lift?

Buses with wheelchair lifts are more common than low-floor buses for several reasons. First, a wheelchair lift is powered so anyone can raise/lower the lift with a handheld controller. So, individuals of all strengths can assist the wheelchair passenger equally, as opposed to a ramp that may require an attendant to push the wheelchair up the ramp. Secondly, wheelchair lift buses are sold at a lower price point. For companies that haven’t budgeted for a higher dollar vehicle, a wheelchair lift bus is generally their best mode of wheelchair transportation.

If you’re considering a wheelchair bus for the first time, read our blog for a comprehensive guide to choosing the right bus for you.

Make a good first impression

If you’re a transportation provider or a school district personnel looking to enhance your school bus fleet with aesthetics and functionality, consider Schetky’s wheelchair-accessible buses. An excellent first impression with your bus can make the difference between gaining a new customer and a missed opportunity; that’s why Schetky’s buses are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind.

Our customers know that vehicles purchased from us double as a marketing piece they can proudly operate within their communities. If your wheelchair-accessible bus looks new, it reflects your significant investment in transporting your customers comfortably and safely.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

Whatever mode of transport you choose, all units sold by Schetky stand the test of time and meet ADA, FTA and NHTSA standards for vehicle safety. You can rest assured that our wheelchair lift buses are designed to provide the safety and security needed to transport passengers with wheelchairs.

You can rest assured that our wheelchair lift buses are designed to provide the safety and security needed to transport passengers with wheelchairs.

Wheelchair-accessible Schetky Bus & Van Sales Inventory


Our dealership’s listings include the 2022 Hometown Coach View, 2024 ElDorado Advantage, 2024 ElDorado Paratransit Bus and 2024 Collins Childcare 14PX, among others.

wheelchair lift bus


Our inventory includes, but is not limited to, Ford Transit, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Series and Ram ProMaster wheelchair vans for those seeking more compact wheelchair-accessible options. Each vehicle is expertly customized to provide a seamless boarding experience for passengers with mobility challenges. The Ford Transit offers versatility and efficiency, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Series exudes luxury and comfort, while the Ram ProMaster focuses on reliability and performance. No matter your preference, Schetky has the perfect wheelchair-accessible solution to meet your needs.

wheelchair-accessible van

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