The comfort of your passengers and the reliability and longevity of your vehicle are our top concerns. That is why we uphold high service and safety standards for all new and used shuttle buses for sale at Schetky. Whether you buy a new or used shuttle bus, we want you to drive away in confidence knowing your investment will stand the test of distance and time.

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Shuttle Buses Provide Benefits to a Diverse Range of Industries

From use as a daycare bus to an airport shuttle, the industries and clients we serve are diverse. We understand your transportation needs could vary widely from the next customer. That is why we believe in offering a wide range of options for the shuttle buses at our dealership. You’ll find we’re able to provide shuttles that fill your every need—including passenger count, storage, and equipment features.

Use your shuttle bus for:

  • Wedding transportation
  • Corporate travel
  • Buses for church groups
  • Team sports
  • Academic charters
  • Movie production bus
  • Campus shuttle bus
  • Event transportation services
  • Convention shuttle bus
  • Government and military buses
  • Employee shuttle bus

Whichever way you desire to use your shuttle bus, we want to ensure you receive the best bus style for the job. Get in contact with our team to discuss the best options you have among our new and used shuttle buses for sale.

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Your Reliable Shuttle Bus Dealer & Auto Shop

From assistance choosing the ideal bus to part replacements and repairs down the road, Schetky does it all. We’re proud to offer our highly satisfactory customer services to new customers and long-term clients who continue to bring in their buses and vans for maintenance. Our services include all general maintenance, repairs, and part installations. We also offer body and paint services so that you can fully customize your shuttle buses’ appearance. In addition to what we provide for your vehicle, we have van and bus driver training courses to prepare you as well.

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