Benefits of Offering an Employee Shuttle Bus

Benefits of Offering an Employee Shuttle Bus

Though employee shuttle buses seem like a rarity, they’re becoming common amongst several businesses. This is because many employers want to reap the unique benefits of offering an employee shuttle bus and wish to incorporate them into their business practices. If you’re looking for a new way to help your business thrive, treat your employees with some of these benefits.

Increases Employee Productivity

Driving in traffic to work every day can lead to an increased amount of stress and affect an individual’s focus throughout the day. This makes their working hours less efficient and can result in additional stress. Employee shuttle services are a great way to mitigate this problem. It allows workers to prepare for their day without the anxiety of driving in traffic.

Saves Company Money

The costs to buy and run a fleet of shuttle buses is, fortunately, significantly less expensive over time than building a parking garage. As such, it’s not difficult to save a bit of money in offering this service to your employees. You also won’t have to worry about expending their mileage if they live far away.

Improves Employee Retention

When your employees are happier coming to work, they’re often more inclined to stick around and continue working with you. In addition to minimizing their stress, they’ll also save money on gas and vehicle maintenance. This is also a wonderful incentive for potential employees to take an interest in your company, making it easier to find new hires.

Qualifies Company for Tax Benefits

Offering this benefit to your employees could also qualify your company for federal tax benefits. These benefits will allow you to use pre-tax money to pay for work-related commuter expenses, cutting back on the taxes after the fact. As a result, you’ll have the funds to continue running the program and your employees will be better off for it.

Happy and healthy employees are what keep a company afloat. As such, you must go the extra mile to make them feel appreciated and cared for. At Schetky Bus and Van Sales, we aim to supply you with quality buses for your employees. As qualified and experienced shuttle bus dealers, we know which products will best fit your needs and get you on track to obtain them.

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