Electric Vans & Buses for Sale

At Schetky Bus & Van Sales, we offer a large selection of electric vans and buses for sale. Our 100% electric vehicle platforms, along with our hybrid electric vehicles, utilize scalable and modular components that allow us convert buses, vans, and trucks of all sizes.  Not only will our customers improve their fleet carbon emissions, but they will also save their operation considerable money.  Customers have experienced and 85%reduction in operating costs, and 66% reduction in maintenance costs.  Electric van and bus conversions eliminate almost all engine maintenance, as there are no fluids or filters present in an electric motor.  Combine that with the vast cost savings electricity provides when compared to fossil fuels, and the many local/state grants and incentives available for electric vehicles, Schetky can provide you with an economically and environmentally responsible vehicle.

The electric bus and van platforms we offer come equipped with software that allows us to monitor the system remotely.  If the battery packs, or motors are not performing at ideal levels, we are able to provide system upgrades, diagnostics, and schedule preventative maintenance all through the online system.  The systems come with substantial battery and motor warranties, and each vehicle is converted to provide the operator with the perfect balance of vehicle range and performance, based upon their application and geographic location.

Our electric bus and van conversions meet the strict requirements of the chassis manufacturers.  Whether it is a light-duty application like a Ford E-Series chassis, a medium duty Ford F59 chassis, or Class 8 Truck chassis, we can provide an electric conversion tailored to your operation.  Our electric conversion operators include, but are not limited to:

  • Electric Bus
  • Electric Shuttle Bus
  • Electric School Bus
  • Electric Work Trucks
  • Electric Delivery Trucks
  • Electric Cargo Trucks
  • Electric Refuse Trucks
  • Electric Mobility Vans
  • Electric Passenger Vans