Van Exterior

The Ram ProMaster is the latest full-size van for transportation use. With the fuel efficient 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine, fleet managers will see a fuel economy savings over previous years’ full-size van offerings. The ProMaster offers ample space for either a side or rear wheelchair lift, or can be lowered to offer an entry ramp that allows all passengers, regardless of their ability, to enter the vehicle without navigating steps. The front wheel drive provides superior driving experience in snow and ice. With two wheelchairs fitting into the interior of the ProMaster, this full-size van offers flexibility and maneuverability that suits a wide range of applications.

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Van Interior

The Ram ProMaster is built with best in class interior space. Match that with a lowered floor and ramp entry, and the ProMaster becomes one of the most flexible vehicles in the mobility market. Inside, the vehicle can be equipped with all levels of seating, storage, and customer convenience options. Need USB charging stations? Not a problem! With the Ram ProMaster, a fleet manager can comfortably transport customers while providing a safe, reliable ride.

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