Explore Our Transport Vans for Sale

Looking to streamline your business’s transportation? Say hello to straightforward solutions at Schetky Bus & Van Sales. Our practical range of vans for sale is designed to enhance your business mobility in real and meaningful ways. Whether you’re considering electric models for eco-friendly commuting or need wheelchair-accessible vans for inclusive transport, we’re here to make your operations smoother and more efficient. Get ready to simplify your transportation challenges with Schetky by your side..

Transport Vans for Sale: Elevate Your Mobility

Our standout feature lies in our remarkable lineup of transport vans for sale. These vans are designed to elevate your mobility experience, ensuring seamless transport solutions for various industries. From nursing homes seeking comfortable patient transit to touring agencies requiring reliable travel options, Schetky’s transport vans provide the ideal answer.

Addressing Your Needs


Transport vans seamlessly adapt to diverse mobility needs, providing tailored solutions that cater to your specific requirements.


Solve budget constraints with our cost-effective transport vans, optimizing your spending and enhancing your business’s bottom line.

Streamlined Employee Transit

Say goodbye to costly third-party transportation services. Our transport vans offer a practical and economical way to handle corporate travel.

Effortless Transitions

Make office moves hassle-free. Our transport vans simplify the process, ensuring seamless transitions without the complexities of involving external moving companies.

Accessibility for All

We understand the importance of inclusivity. Our transport vans are designed to adhere to the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring accessible transportation options for everyone.

Discover the power of transport vans – the solution that speaks directly to your challenges and transforms them into opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Unmatched Customer Support and Award-Winning Service

At Schetky Bus & Van Sales, customer support is at our core. Our award-winning service facilities ensure we’re equipped to address your fleet needs excellently. We proudly hold the prestigious title of Thomas Platinum Support Dealer, recognizing our commitment to exceptional customer experiences.

Elevating Satisfaction: Thomas Platinum Support Dealer

As a Thomas Platinum Support Dealer, we embody superior customer satisfaction. This program, pioneered by Thomas Built Buses, emphasizes lean concepts for ongoing improvements in the customer journey.

Our dealership’s culture shift maximizes customer satisfaction while promoting efficient operations. Rigorous evaluations conducted by an independent third party underscore our dedication. Weekly internal audits sustain our unwavering commitment to exceeding these standards.

Crafted for Your Needs

Still unsure if a Schetky van is the right fit for your requirements? Rest assured that our mobility vehicles are tailored to your needs. Our manufacturers have meticulously incorporated your invaluable feedback into creating exceptional products. Every aspect, from design elements to engineering precision, is geared towards ensuring your comfort, convenience and dignity during travel.

Your Reliable Business Partner

Regardless of your motivation for considering a van, Schetky guarantees that our vehicles will become vital to your organization. Our vans seamlessly integrate into your business operations, enhancing efficiency and elevating customer satisfaction.

Contact us so you can take advantage of the opportunity to revolutionize your transportation capabilities. Visit our website’s inventory today and browse our extensive selection of transport vans for sale. Elevate your mobility experience with Schetky Bus & Van Sales, where your transport needs are met with excellence.