Transport Vans for Sale

Schetky has a wide lineup of vans ready to meet and exceed your various transport needs. From nursing homes to touring agencies, our transport vans for sale allow organizations and businesses to have a high-quality, trustworthy vehicle. No matter what — or who! — you need to transport, we are confident that we have just the van to make your day-to-day operations move smoothly.

Why Transport Vans?

A van is the most functional mass transport vehicle ever made. If you’re weighing your options between a transport van and a bus, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Flexible and versatile enough to accommodate your mobility needs
  • Cost-effective commuting option for providing customer transit
  • A perfect addition to your company fleet for transporting employees for business-related trips — and often cheaper than making arrangements with a transportation provider
  • Streamlines transitions to a new office or facility by removing the need for a third-party moving company
  • All small and large Schetky vans meet and exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines

If you are still wondering if a Schetky is right for you, know that our mobility vehicles were created with your specific needs in mind. After all, it was your vital input that helped our manufacturers build their best-in-class products — every part, every design element, and every piece of engineering points toward taking you from place to place with comfort, ease, and dignity.

No matter why you are looking into adding a van to your company’s operations, a Schetky van will become an integral component of your organization or business.

View our entire selection of transport vans for sale today!