Bus Exterior

When it comes to school buses, any improvement in efficiency can make a big difference. Our Thomas Saf-T-Liner® EFX has plenty of examples. First, this Type D Front Engine Bus has seating for up to 90 passengers and a wider loading aisle, providing tremendous flexibility for whatever the school year brings. The cockpit is designed for driver comfort and safety, with ample leg room and optimized access to controls. It also offers better visibility and easier steering. And our engine cover allows quick, tool-free access to the engine, fluids and belts, keeping routine maintenance time to a minimum.

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Bus Interior

Our Type D Front Engine Buses come with standard safety features, such as one-piece skirt-to-skirt roof bows and a 12-guage steel wrap-around bumper. Safety is most important to us when it comes to our Thomas Saf-T-Liner EFX, which is why we’re proud to give customers the opportunity to customize their bus’s safety features.

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