Rental Buses

At Schetky Bus & Van Sales, we understand that not all clients require vehicles year-round — seasonal businesses like ski resorts or fishing tour companies have peak seasons or only operate during specific times. Additionally, clients may only need a specific vehicle to accommodate transportation for the occasional company outing or business trip — that’s where Schetky comes into play. You may not be in the market to purchase a bus or van at the moment, but you can still take the benefits of owning a Schetky bus for a test drive while satisfying your current transportation needs.

A Wide Range Of Buses For Rent

Schetky Bus & Van Sales offers a wide selection of buses for rent. As one of the nation’s longest established bus dealers, we know that no two clients’ transportation needs are the same. That’s why we will meet and exceed an extensive array of requirements and preferences, whether you need a bus for your church, casino, senior living facility, or a tour and charter bus — Schetky will provide the perfect vehicle for you.

What You Need To Know

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Rentals

Many businesses that rent a bus will only need the vehicle for a short amount of time. However, we understand that some clients will need to rent a bus for extended periods. We are prepared to work with any schedule our clients may require to avoid business and service interruptions or delays.

Roadside Help

One common misconception about bus rentals is that you are left alone to cover any problems you encounter on the road — not at Schetky Bus & Van Sales.

Our customer support team is active and will be attending to your vehicle needs. We make sure to provide you with comfort not only at the start of your journey but at the end as well.

Nationwide Availability

Schetky Bus & Van Sales is available nationwide. No matter where you are or where you plan to go, we make sure to provide you with the right vehicle to suit all your needs. Just give us a call at (800) 255-8341 and we will get started on the rental process.

Vehicle Flexibility

Renting a bus with us is an easy and flexible way to try out new vehicle types to best accommodate your business’s needs and services. Should you need assistance, our sales staff will gladly assist you in determining the right vehicle for your application.

Above all else, we promise to deliver quality service that ultimately cares about your customer experience. Rent a bus with Schetky now!

For any questions, you may reach us here and a Schetky Bus & Van Sales team member will reach out to you shortly.