Bus & Mobility Vehicle Rentals

When your business has mobility vehicle or bus rental needs, Schetky Rental is the perfect solution! We offer a quick and easy bus rental service, designed to complement your current transportation services. The benefits include:

  • Schetky mobility vehicle Rentals are available nationwide.
  • Easy way to try out a new vehicle type. Our sales staff will work closely with you to determine the proper vehicle for your application.
  • You’re covered with roadside help. That’s 24/7 customer support for nationwide fuel, towing, battery, and more.
  • Bus and mobility vehicles are available short-term or long-term rentals. Whether you need to take individuals to planned outings, or your current vehicle is down and you need a vehicle ASAP to avoid an interruption of services, we are dedicated to meet your schedule.
  • Use us during your business’ peak seasons.
  • When other vehicles in your fleet are out of commission, fill the gap with our mobility vehicles or bus rentals to avoid lost time or revenue.
  • We can help increase your bottom line. Your business can increase its fleet without taking on a loan or a lease.