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Transporting Seniors? 2 Key Factors To Consider Before Expanding Your Fleet

Per the United States Census Bureau, the year 2030 will mark a critical demographic turning point in United States history. Based on its population projections, in 2030 all Baby Boomers will be older than age 65. This will significantly increase the size of the U.S. population at or above the typical retirement age. If you […]

What to consider before buying a bus

So you want to buy a bus With the rise of the millennial trend to minimize and downsize . . . what’s the word? Ah yes. Minimalism. Converting sprinter vans and buses into a home on wheels is all the rage. However most of you aren’t here to convert a bus into a home. You […]

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Different types of School Bus

Gearing Up A School Bus Fleet If you are looking to purchase a fleet of buses for a school or another reason, it is important to understand all of the different options you have. From a heavy duty bus, transit-style school bus, flat nose bus, or dog nose bus, there are a lot of options. […]

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Don’t Buy a Bus Without Considering These 4 Things First

Looking to find the right bus for your needs? With over 970,000 registered buses in the United States in 2016 alone, it is clear that these vehicles serve a big purpose in the world. If you are looking to buy one, but are not sure where to start, there a few things you should consider […]

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Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a Bus

Buying a bus is not like buying a car — it’s much more complicated and can be a long process. But there are plenty of buses being bought for a variety of reasons. Assisted living homes may need buses with seating options for up to 30 passengers to transport their residents. This is especially with […]