Why Hotels Should Have Shuttle Buses

Why Hotels Should Have Shuttle Buses

As our homes away from home, the hotels we choose to stay at must cater to all our basic needs during the length of our visit. Whether it’s complimentary breakfast each morning or ready access to a pool and spa, these amenities help guests get the most out of a trip. If there’s any hotel amenity more sought after than the rest, it would have to be a shuttle system. We explore why hotels should have shuttle buses and what they offer to visitors.

Improved Guest Experience

Providing the convenience of a shuttle service is perfect for any busy vacation-goer. Without the worry of finding parking throughout their trip, hotel visitors can put more of their effort into having a good time. In addition to this, they’ll also have the power to call the shuttle as it’s needed rather than waiting around for one.

Efficient Luggage Transportation

Anyone who travels usually brings along a fair bit of luggage to make themselves comfortable; however, these can be heavy and make the process of checking in a hustle. It’s for this reason that these shuttles can also offer additional storage space for guest baggage and supplies. This makes it easier to transport luggage across the hotel and further cater to visitor needs.

Creates Local Jobs

Since it’s beneficial for shuttle drivers to have a fundamental knowledge of the area they’ll drive in, almost all these professionals live locally. This allows a hotel to provide their guests with an extra level of information about each stop and some of the best activities to do in the region. Residents of nearby towns can also inform visitors on the top eateries and where they can find any supplies they may need.

Expands Hotel Sphere of Influence

By offering a shuttle service, a hotel can begin expanding their offerings to include deals outside of the resort grounds. In doing so, they can generate partnerships with local businesses and make it easier for guests to utilize their services. This means the hotel can grow and accommodate more guests at any given time.

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