How a Bus or Van Can Improve the Experience of Senior Living Residents

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Although many of us take our chosen mode of transportation for granted, that all changes once you reach a certain age. When you’re responsible for the welfare and happiness of senior citizens, it’s essential to keep their health and safety in mind at every turn. You may have a few different options at your disposal for transportation at your senior living facility. Here’s why you should consider senior living vans or buses — and how they can vastly improve residents’ overall experiences.

Improved Accessibility

No doubt, you will need transportation options that can accommodate residents with a fairly wide range of abilities. Some residents may require ADA wheelchair ramps in order to board buses or vans, while others may use a walker or a cane to get around. There are probably quite a few residents who don’t require a mobility aid at all. That said, you’ll need a transportation option that can provide equal accessibility for every resident, regardless of these concerns and conditions. In that case, a standard bus or car simply won’t do. But many of the vehicles you may find at certain bus dealers will have handicap-accessible features. These new buses for sale will be able to provide reliable transportation for all of the seniors in your care and put worried minds at ease.

Increased Safety

Most seniors do not relish the thought of losing their independence — and in many cases, that independence is equated with driving. Certainly, the ability to transport yourself can provide a sense of pride and accomplishment. Unfortunately, it’s not always safe, particularly as we grow older. After all, four out of five older people take one or more daily medications, while others experience signs of cognitive or physical decline that may impede their ability to drive on their own. For this reason, senior living facilities will typically provide reliable transportation. When this transportation is made readily available to residents, your facility can minimize the occurrence of accidents and can make certain that the seniors in your care are safe during any trip.

Enriched Social Opportunities

The vehicles you’ll find at your local bus dealer don’t merely serve a practical purpose; they’re also a way for many residents to fulfill a need for socialization. Senior loneliness and depression are a substantial issue that can have a profound effect on overall outlook. Not only can isolation be an emotional problem, but it can even keep seniors from healing after a health scare. In some cases, it can lead to drastic consequences. But something as simple as a larger bus or van can allow a simple trip to the store or the bank to become a real social occasion. As humans, we need interaction with others. Having buses on site will allow your residents to maintain healthy social relationships. By providing them with an opportunity to know their neighbors, you’ll be able to boost morale and improve their experience at your facility in general.

When you purchase a vehicle from a bus dealer for your senior living facility, you’ll be making a direct investment in the well-being of your residents. To learn more about how our vehicles meet your transportation needs in any situation, please contact us today.

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