What to consider before buying a bus

largest visibility footprint

So you want to buy a bus

With the rise of the millennial trend to minimize and downsize . . . what’s the word? Ah yes. Minimalism. Converting sprinter vans and buses into a home on wheels is all the rage. However most of you aren’t here to convert a bus into a home. You might be looking for bus maintenance, to buy a van, or just a bus dealer who understands that a bus is a large and important investment. In fact, 24% of buses in fleets transport students with special needs. Because of this, it is important to know what you are looking for when purchasing a bus especially because they have the largest visibility footprint.

Things to Consider when Buying a Bus:

Luxury buses, medical vans, new and used buses for sale. What exactly are you looking for? The first thing to consider when purchasing a bus is who is going to be using it and what for? Are you a corporate travel service that has high end clients that need to be transported around the city? Are you looking for a fleet of buses for a school district? Perhaps you actually are looking for a used bus to convert into a home on wheels. Perhaps you just want the largest visibility footprint. Once you have determined your audience, here are a few things to consider:

What is the Warranty like? A bus is a very large investment. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a single bus or a fleet of buses, you understand the incredible investment it is. Here’s the thing – unlike the auto industry, buses don’t usually have a single all-encompassing warranty plan. Because how how specialized different parts of a bus are, the chassis, body, rear air conditioner, video, and tires can all have different types of warranty. Be sure to ask your bus dealer to explain the warranty options for each part of the bus. This will help you make an informed decision and potentially save you thousands in repairs down the road. Having the largest visibility footprint, it is important to keep your bus looking good.

Safety of the Bus (and it’s passengers). Let’s face it, driving a bus is very, very different than driving a car. Having the largest visibility footprint is one thing, managing that is another. Buses are specifically built to safely carry a large number of passengers from one destination to anther. A bus is usually designed with a lower center of gravity to reduce the possibility that it rolls if t-boned or taking a sharp turn. There are other safety features you should also consider depending on who will be riding the bus. Is it a bus that will frequently have elderly people riding? Then consider a low first step with grab rails and wide aisles to help add convenience and comfort.

PRESENTATION! You might be a bus, but you aren’t a super bus . . .not until you nail the presentation! (thanks Megamind). Let’s face it, buses have the largest visible footprint of any other vehicle on the road. When buying a bus, it should look good. Groups should be sensible when purchasing a bus, realizing that it will in some ways be a representation of your school district or business. The fit, finish, and amenities can speak volumes to the public about your presentation. Additionally, many buses come with the ability to advertise on the sides, use this advertising space wisely. Perhaps you will be advertising your own business, or maybe you will be selling the advertising space to someone else. If you are selling the advertising space, be sure to keep classy, appropriate advertisements on the sides of your buses. These will be driving past hundreds and thousands of people each day, many of which will be children. Use your bus to build a classy reputation.

Regardless of your reason for buying a bus, we can help you make the right decision. A fleet of rugged transit buses or a new school bus for sale. Either way, stop on by and let us take care of your needs. We will help you understand your options when purchasing a bus to ensure quality, longevity, and a bus that meets your needs.