Wheelchair Bus Solutions: Making Life Easier in Senior Living Communities

Mobility challenges can limit seniors’ ability to engage with others, do things they enjoy and access essential services, which may in turn, impact their quality of life. A wheelchair bus can solve these challenges by providing reliable and comfortable transportation designed to accommodate aging individuals’ mobility needs


These buses are convenient, safe and comfortable transportation options that help seniors maintain their mobility, independence and youthful spirit. Wheelchair buses allow seniors to attend medical appointments, participate in social outings or enjoy a change of scenery safely and conveniently. 


Learn how these specialized transportation solutions foster greater freedom, inclusion and well-being for seniors, making every journey a seamless part of their day.

The Importance of Reliable and Accessible Transportation in Senior Living

Seniors’ Quality of Life

Reliable and accessible transportation is crucial for the independence and community involvement of seniors living in senior communities. Such transportation services connect seniors to essential healthcare services, social activities and recreational opportunities. This link is crucial for their mental and physical health — it encourages a more active, engaged lifestyle and helps them participate in activities they enjoy.


As BMC Geriatrics states, “Mobility is crucial for active aging as it allows older adults to maintain their independence, participate in physical activities, engage in social and community life, and access necessary resources.”

Injury Prevention

Since transporting elderly individuals involves risks, inclusive transportation must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Falls are the leading cause of injury for adults ages 65 years and older. Over 14 million, or 1 in 4 older adults report falling every year.” 


ADA compliance is essential for both legal reasons and for the practical day-to-day independence and safety of residents who use wheelchairs. ADA-compliant vehicles have features such as wheelchair lifts and securement systems, which ensure that riders can board and disembark safely and easily.


Based on guidelines from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “An accessible OTRB [Over-the-Road Bus] has a lift, other devices or configuration for helping passengers who cannot climb steps board a bus; two specific locations for securing wheelchairs to prevent them from sliding; and other features to ease travel for passengers with disabilities. Operators must ensure accessible features are operational.”


These features help passengers overcome physical barriers that might otherwise prevent seniors from getting where they need to go. Ensuring that transportation services are reliable, accessible and compliant supports seniors’ physical mobility, which can uplift their spirits by keeping them connected to their communities and loved ones.

Addressing the Challenges of Senior Living Transportation

Senior living community administrators face challenges in providing high-quality transportation services. These challenges include ensuring that vehicles meet rigorous healthcare standards, staying within tight budget constraints, and consistently offering safety, reliability, and compliance with regulations.


The complexity is heightened by the need to accommodate diverse mobility needs among residents, requiring comfortable and fully accessible vehicles. This task demands dependable suppliers who can deliver vehicles that meet all these criteria, ensuring that transportation services enhance rather than hinder the residents’ quality of life.


Benefits of Schetky Bus & Van Sales Wheelchair Bus for Senior Living Communities

At Schetky Bus & Van Sales, our mission is simple: to provide reliable transportation solutions, ensuring your residents have safe and comfortable access to wherever they need to go.


We understand your priorities, so we’re excited to share how we can support your mission:


FTA Contracts Nationwide: Utilize our contracts in all 50 states or get specifications for quick bids. Either way, our solutions make the purchasing process easy for your team. We also provide delivery and support nationwide.


ADA Wheelchair Accessibility: Our stock buses and vans meet ADA requirements to ensure safe and comfortable accessibility for all passengers.


Also, our stock units are all set for senior living facility needs, equipped with top-notch safety features to keep things running smoothly.


Convenience: Our FTA contracts cover all 50 states, so getting what you need is a breeze. Plus, our vehicles are ADA-compliant, ensuring everyone can ride in comfort.


Timely Delivery: We know timing matters. With plenty of stock units ready to go and more on the way throughout 2024, you’ll get your vehicles right on schedule.


Affordability: Quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Our vehicles are safe, reliable and won’t break the bank.

wheelchair bus for sale

Nationwide Turnkey Delivery

With Schetky’s exclusive Turnkey Delivery, the vehicle will be delivered, titled, and licensed with a license plate already on it. This saves you considerable time and potential headaches. We also offer optional vehicle graphics that must be designed and installed prior to delivery. 


Types of Wheelchair Bus for Sale

Low-Floor Bus

ADA entry ramps provide a dignified, equal approach to entering a low-floor bus. Wheelchair passengers and those with disabilities can enter the bus utilizing a ramp at the same entry door as ambulatory passengers. A low-floor transit bus truly provides equal access for all. The exteriors of our low-floor handicap buses for sale are built with materials that prevent rust and corrosion.


Our low-floor mobility buses for sale meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and are built with wheelchair ramps and accessibility modifications that meet and exceed ADA requirements.

Low-Floor Ramps

Low-floor transit buses with ramps provide dignity for all passengers. Also, our manufacturers of low-floor buses provide the safest, most comfortable and most reliable models. With flat, level interior floors and the highest-grade slip-resistant flooring, our low floors have been the preference of transit and senior living customers alike. 


Our models have more interior space to facilitate passenger navigation. This allows wheelchairs to perform 360-degree turns easily and ambulatory passengers enough room to navigate the aisle easily. Plus, we offer a four-corner kneeling suspension that can lower the bus further, minimizing the slope of the entrance ramp. Our buses are built to withstand the most rigorous use and far outlast similar products. 


When you buy one of our low-floor handicap buses, you are buying the best product in the market. You’ll also receive our best-in-class service and support for the lifetime of that product.

Standard Floor Bus With Wheelchair Lift

The standard floor bus is your typical bus with steps at the entry door for ambulatory passengers. Wheelchairs enter the bus through a separate, wider entry. This allows a hydraulic wheelchair lift to raise the passenger and their wheelchair high enough that the lift platform is level with the interior floor, and the wheelchair can proceed into the vehicle’s interior.


Buses with wheelchair lifts are more common than low-floor buses for several reasons. First, a wheelchair lift is powered, so anyone can raise/lower the lift with a handheld controller. This means that individuals of all strengths can provide assistance to the wheelchair passenger equally, as opposed to a ramp that may require an attendant to push the wheelchair up the ramp. Second, wheelchair lift buses are sold at a lower price point. A wheelchair lift bus is generally the most cost-effective option for wheelchair transportation.


Whatever mode of transport you choose for wheelchair-accessible buses, all our units meet ADA and FTA standards for vehicle safety. Rest assured that your wheelchair-accessible bus provides the safety and security needed to transport passengers with wheelchairs.

The Difference We Make: Over 80 Years of Excellence

We’ve been in the business of buses for more than 80 years, so you can count on us to deliver the best service and support. Our extensive experience has allowed us to combine time-honored best practices with cutting-edge technology to address the evolving needs of senior transportation. This blend of the old and the new ensures that we offer technically advanced, easy-to-use, robust and dependable vehicles.


Our long-standing commitment has helped us build a solid reputation trusted by senior living communities nationwide. By listening to their feedback and staying ahead of industry trends, we continue to innovate and improve our offerings. 

Addressing the Buyer’s Needs: Quality, Reliability and Innovation

At Schetky Bus & Van Sales, we understand the unique transportation requirements of senior living communities when acquiring a wheelchair bus. We go beyond meeting current standards; we anticipate future needs so our vehicles remain at the forefront of quality, efficiency and innovation. 


By integrating cutting-edge technology into our buses, we deliver high-performing, reliable solutions equipped with the latest safety features and accessibility enhancements. We offer vehicles that truly cater to the evolving demands of senior transportation.  This ensures that our clients have the best tools to support their residents’ mobility both today and in the years to come.

Partner with Schetky Bus & Van Sales for Enhanced Senior Living Transportation

If you’re considering how our wheelchair-accessible buses could improve your residents’ quality of life, we’re here to provide the best transportation solutions. 


Contact us today to discuss how our wheelchair buses can help you provide top-notch mobility solutions for your residents.

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