What Makes For An Accessible Bus?

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Unfortunately, as drivers get on in years, the likelihood of their being involved in a car accident goes up dramatically. Drivers between 70 and 74 years of age are significantly more likely to end up in a fatal crash, and the number only goes up from there. This is why it is essential that transport options such as buses are available to senior citizens.

Public buses can enable individuals who are still relatively independent, but can no longer drive, to continue to engage in all the activities they are accustomed to — whether this is visiting nearby friends and family, shopping or eating at restaurants, or going to appointments. For those staying in special care facilities, assisted living buses allow for easy transport to and from care facilities, ensuring that no person feels confined.

While some elderly individuals maintain their mobility throughout their later years and can access any bus, many seniors require special accommodations in order to travel. If you need to provide this key service to senior citizens, it can be hard to find the right bus or bus parts for sale. When searching for transport solutions, make sure that these key features are present to ensure that the bus is accessible to those with limited mobility:

  • Wheelchair ramp

    Without a ramp, multiple assistants may be necessary to bring wheelchair-bound passengers on and off of the bus. The easier and more comfortable solution is simply to have an extendable ramp present on at least one entrance.
  • Low floor or ability to kneel

    Seniors who are not wheelchair-bound will nonetheless most likely find a large step onto a bus extremely difficult. While larger public buses often have kneeling capabilities, smaller buses specifically for senior transport are available with easy-access low floors.
  • Slip-resistant flooring

    Elderly ambulatory passengers are at risk of slipping when a bus is in motion, particularly while turning. Non-slip floors can provide key extra grip to ensure that no accidents occur.
  • Extra space

    No assisted living bus could function without room to store walkers and accommodate multiple wheelchairs in addition to ambulatory passengers.

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