What Can I Expect From A Quality Transit Bus?

transit bus for sale When most people hear the term “transit bus,” they typically think of public buses or other commuter buses. But how do they differ from a school bus or another type of bus?

Transit buses for sale must meet a series of very specific specifications in order to earn this title. Here are some of the specifications necessary in a good transit bus and how they’re used around the country.

The specifications of a transit bus

A transit bus is typically a bus designed for public transport over short distances. These heavy duty buses are different from motor coach buses that travel longer distances. Because transit buses have to make a series of starts and stops throughout the day along a designated route, they need to be built to last and to accommodate a variety of people.

Here are just some of the common features you’ll see when you enter or buy a transit bus.

  • Bench and bucket seats that are easy to get out of
  • Standing room with poles and other hand-grabs
  • Multiple, large doors to enter and exit the bus
  • Little space to store luggage or other large items
  • A pull cord or other feature that requests a stop
  • Equipment to accept a fare or other riding verification
  • A feature that displays upcoming destinations
  • Wheelchair access and other features to aid those with disabilities

That last point is worth reflecting on. Not only are transportation companies and public transit systems required by law to accommodate passengers with mobility problems, but doing so is also the right thing to do. In fact, 47% of bus and charter fleets reported that there is an increased demand for riders with special needs between 2017 and 2018. These features are necessary for an increasingly diverse population of riders.

The benefits of transit buses

In large cities, transit buses and other forms of public transportation are used frequently. This is because they offer a variety of benefits to their passengers. When you’re looking for a transit bus for sale, here are just some of the benefits you’re providing to the people in your area:

  • Less traffic — If you have three people riding your transit bus, that means there are three fewer cars clogging the road. This improves traffic congestion in your city, thereby reducing carbon emissions, stress, and increased travel time.
  • Public transport is often affordable — By providing an affordable option for commuters, you’re extending the life of their cars and helping those who don’t have their own vehicle in the first place. By relying on a wide variety of riders throughout the day, transit buses are able to keep fees to a minimum but still afford the necessary maintenance.
  • It’s safe — The driver of your transit bus is trained to operate a large vehicle. In fact, a CDL license and plenty of practice are needed to navigate busy city streets. Bus accidents actually occur at a smaller rate than other car accidents.

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