How To Plan the Best Day Trip For Your Senior Residents

charter vans When you want to treat your seniors to a special day, there’s no better way to break the monotony than by bringing them somewhere new. While not all seniors are equipped to travel for long distances, a day trip might be the perfect compromise.

Here’s how to make your senior residents’ day trip the perfect getaway.

Go somewhere fun

Depending on where you are in the country, this can differ for just about everyone. However, you shouldn’t try to travel more than two hours in one direction. Between bathroom breaks, chronic conditions, and any emergencies, any longer can prove difficult for many seniors, even if you travel in the best medical vans.

Try to choose a destination that offers a variety of things to do. Museums, shops, historic landmarks, and beautiful parks are just some features to consider when you choose your perfect getaway.

And look for senior/group discounts

You can save a few bucks here and there by opting for events that offer senior discounts or group discounts. While this shouldn’t be the determining factor of your destination, searching for these avenues might unveil a number of activities you never considered before. Destinations that feature these discounts are often better equipped to handle the needs of the group; this might include ramps, specialty seating, and complementary services.

Buy the best charter van

Charter vans are the best form of transport for large groups, but especially seniors. Older drivers are twice as likely to have a medical issue that can cause difficulty driving. By using charter vans, you ensure everyone is safe and stays together on a longer trip.

Many charter vans are suited with internet connectivity equipment — your seniors won’t be bored on their day trip this time! When you need seating options for up to 30 passengers, choosing great senior living vans is the best way to travel out of town.

Don’t go alone

As a staff member of your senior care facility, you shouldn’t take so many passengers on alone. Large groups of people are hard to manage, but those facing medical difficulties might need additional help. Take along a few other staff members and chart your residents’ medical needs. This will help should an emergency arise or a member goes missing. Charter vans are more than equipped to handle a large number of people.

Going on a day trip with your group of seniors may seem like a daunting task, but following these tips will help you to plan the perfect day. Get the best in charter vans and used buses for sale with Schetky Northwest Sales. Our vehicles meet your transportation needs.

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