Great Transportation Options: Buses and Vans

new buses for sale

As of December 2017, there were 197,126 motor vehicles registered as private carriers; an additional 50,000 were registered as both private carriers and for-hire carriers.

Buses and large vans are great for providing transport services of all kinds. Whether you and your buddies are hoping to travel to the big football game in style or you’re planning a business road trip and want to ride in luxurious limo buses, finding used or new buses for sale is a great idea.

Here are some great transportation options available for you to consider:

New buses for sale

If you need to transport large groups of people, buses are the most cost efficient and safest way possible to do so. There are plenty of great buses that are perfect for all your transportation needs, including:

  • Light-duty buses
  • Medium-duty buses
  • Heavy-duty buses
  • Low floor buses
  • Luxury buses
  • Senior living buses
  • Church buses
  • Tour and charter buses
  • Casino buses

Used school buses for sale

School buses are great transportation vehicles, as well, and not just for students going to and from school (though that certainly is their main purpose). From medical uses to comfortable seating on long trips, buses are fantastic for travel.

  • Type A school buses
  • Multi-function school activity buses (MFSAB)
  • Type C school buses
  • Type D front and rear engine school buses

New and used vans for sale

If you are caring for someone with a disability, you should consider shuttle and charter vans. These vans not only meet but exceed the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) guidelines.

  • Hotel shuttle vans
  • Non-emergency medical vans
  • Ford transit vans
  • Ford transit connect
  • Ram promoter
  • Minivan conversion
  • Mercedes sprinter
  • Senior living vans
  • Tour and charter vans

A limo bus might not be as luxurious as a real stretch limo, and a school bus or charter van might not be as comfortable as expensive brand-new SUVs. But these buses and vans are extremely reliable, cost effective, and are pretty comfortable and nice-looking, as well. If you want to find used or new buses for sale and feel comfortable from the beginning of the transaction to the moment you get behind the wheel, give Schetky Bus and Van Sales a call right away!

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