Equipment Features Every Medical Van Should Have

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If you’re on the market for a great medical van, you need to ensure it has the proper bells and whistles designed to keep your passengers safe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re transporting folks with special needs or just require senior living vans — there are a number of features to consider before making your final investment.

Here are some of the most important factors to include in medical vans to ensure your passengers stay safe.

Wheelchair accessibility

You never know when an accident might occur and you need wheelchair accessibility. This is especially important for those with special needs or seniors, who are more prone to serious accidents. Even if none of your residents or passengers currently have a wheelchair, no medical van is complete without ADA wheelchair ramps or a proper hydraulic lift that you will often see in a type C school bus.

Keep in mind that wheelchairs do not double as seats. This could put your passengers in danger if your heavy duty bus needs to make a sudden stop, or worse. As such, you should have enough seating for everyone in your caravan, whether they need a wheelchair or not. Luckily, some buses and touring vans have seating for up to 90 passengers, though most have less — usually seating options for up to 30 passengers.


On top of wheelchair accessibility, you need to ensure that you have proper storage locations for walkers, wheelchairs, and other medical equipment on your bus. Loose equipment and heavy items can cause harm to an individual or to the bus if they aren’t properly stored. Many medical vans and even school buses utilize walker storage, rear compartment storage, or even overhead storage.

Internet connectivity equipment

If you’re going on a particularly long road trip, you might be out of reach of data towers. Should a medical emergency occur, it’s essential that your shuttle vans have internet connectivity equipment. This is especially important if your passengers require time-sensitive medical attention. That way, you can call for help when you need it.

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