Are Buses Really An Eco-Friendly Alternative?

medical vans School buses and public transit buses have often been touted as environmentally friendly forms of transportation. But is this a truthful claim?

Here’s everything you need to know about buses and their effect on the environment.

Carbon emissions

Data has shown that buses, despite their constant stopping and starting, actually move people quite efficiently from destination to destination. In fact, it’s estimated that a transit bus releases 20% as much carbon monoxide, 10% the number of hydrocarbons, and 75% as many nitrogen oxides as the typical passenger car.

If even seven people ride a bus to and from work, that means seven cars are eliminated from the road. Luckily, buses often carry far more than this number, resulting in reduced carbon emissions and pollutants across the board.

Energy conservation

When there are more cars on the road, more gas is needed to supply those countless motors. By relying on a bus to safely transport passengers to and from school, you’re conserving the amount of fuel which leads to a domino effect throughout the automotive industry; fewer people will rely on passenger cars to commute to and from work and school, leading to spikes of innovation throughout the industry. If more electric vehicles are created to meet our transportation needs, the environmental benefits are endless.

At the end of the day, buses are simply more fuel-efficient than passenger cars. It’s estimated that buses use nearly 9% less energy per passenger mile. When you’re trying to reduce your carbon footprint, relying on eco-friendly transportation is a great first step.

The bottom line

Even if single-passenger cars rely on car-sharing apps and other forms of ride sharing, the benefits of buses are undeniable. It’s no wonder there were an estimated 976,161 buses registered in the United States back in 2016 and the need for public transport is only expected to grow. Not only are buses a great way to conserve energy, but they’re also a necessary part of reducing our environmental pollution. Whether you’re relying on medical vans, school buses, or hotel shuttle vans, the benefits of group transport is a growing necessity.

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