What To Look For When Buying A Bus

new and used buses for sale Buying a new vehicle is a stressful experience, especially when you’re looking at new and used buses for sale. If you haven’t purchased a bus before, either for yourself or for your business, you might not know what to look for right away. What makes a bus a good option compared to another one? How do you find the right bus for your needs? When you start searching through new and used buses for sale, consider these factors and how they’ll impact your needs.

New Or Used?

One of the first things you’ll want to keep in mind as you’re looking at buses for sale is whether you’re set on purchasing one new or if you’re willing to check out some pre-owned options. New buses will come at a higher price tag, but will have newer features and parts. Used buses, on the other hand, will be more affordable, but might not necessarily have everything you’re looking for right away, or might be in need of a bit of work before they’re ready to hit the road.

How Big?

Not all buses are the same standard size. The size of bus you’ll end up looking at will partially depend on your budget – after all, there’s a significant price difference between charter vans and limo buses. Keep the size in mind when you start browsing, and know how many people you generally plan on transporting. Err on the side of larger, if possible, to accommodate for any changes in passenger count.

How Will You Use It?

For some bus purchases, you’ll want to keep in mind who will be riding most of the time. For example, if you’re planning on transporting older passengers or passengers with mobility limitations, you’ll want to look for a bus with ADA wheelchair ramps. Older drivers are over twice as likely to experience a medical problem results in difficulty traveling, so keeping your bus accessible could be a serious thing to consider in your purchase.

Finding new and used buses for sale can be a challenge, but keeping these considerations in mind will help you make the right purchase for your specific needs. For more information or to browse new and used buses for sale, contact Schetky Northwest Sales today.