What Customer Service Benefits Does Schetky Offer?

used school bus parts Schetky Bus and Van Sales works hard to ensure our customers’ needs are met during every step of the bus buying process. After all, buying a new van or bus is a large investment. As such, it’s important to rely on the best bus and van dealer for all your bus maintenance and equipment needs.


Here’s how the exceptional customer service of Schetky Bus and Van Sales keeps us at the top of our class.


We deliver across the country


Even though Schetky is stationed in the northwest United States, our excellent fleet of buses, vans, and limos are delivered transnationally for the ease of our customers. Instead of traveling hundreds of miles to get the best vans available, all you need to do is order. Schetky also has title and licensing rights for all 50 states in the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. There’s nothing holding you back from getting the best new and used buses for sale.


We offer the best in a wide array of services


Schetky offers more than just new and used buses. We also repair air conditioning, fix electrical issues, install cameras, install breaks, provide an array of used school bus parts, and offer the best in wheelchair lift installations. It’s estimated that elderly drivers between the ages of 70 and 74 are among the most likely to get into an accident. This makes the used bus and van industry essential for elderly individuals. When you need ADA wheelchair ramps and medical vans, Schetky is able to get the job done right.


We care for our customers


If you’re stuck waiting in one of our stores, you don’t need to worry about getting bored. Our waiting areas offer the best in customer amenities while your used van or bus gets the best service in the states. Enjoy our free WiFi, complimentary coffee and water, cozy and comfortable seating, and enough periodicals to last you a week.


How do we do it?


Schetky is America’s longest-established bus and van dealer. At over 75 years old, we know how to deliver the best products and customer service to suit any potential buyers’ needs. From our years of dedicated service, we’ve become masters of our craft.


When you’re looking for the best new and used school bus parts, new buses for sale, or simply want to discuss senior living vans for your place of business, Schetky is the business to call. View our inventory and selection of used school bus parts at Schetkynw.com today.