2009 ElDorado 24+2 Deluxe

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Total Passengers: 26
Wheelchair Positions: 2
Storage: Walker Storage
Mileage: 33000
Engine Type: 6.6L Diesel
AC: 100K BTU
Luggage: Rear Luggage Compartment
Condition: Used
Job#: 12899CB
Location: Portland

Used Bus Features

  • Single Owner, Sold by Schetky
  • 24 Passengers and 2 Wheelchairs
  • 26 Passengers using Fold-Away Seat
  • ADA Compliant with Wheelchair Lift
  • Rear Luggage Compartment
  • Diesel Engine with Very Low Miles

This bus has very low mileage for a diesel unit.  Gas buses typically last for a couple hundred thousand miles, whereas diesel will last twice that.  This unit has a comfortable interior, with a rear-curbside wheelchair lift and two ADA wheelchair positions.  The rear luggage compartment is a very useful feature, and provides flexibility for the operator.  The interior has been maintained well and shows little signs of aging.  This bus is equipped for companies required to offer ADA wheelchair access, or for a senior living company looking to add a large vehicle to their fleet at a low price point.


  • 24+2 Wheelchair Configuration
  • Double Fold-away Seat Allowing for 26 passengers
  • Rear Luggage Compartment
  • Chevy Bus Chassis, 5500 Model
  • 6.6L Diesel Engine
  • Upgraded Rear Mor-Ryde Suspension for Smooth Ride
  • Electric Entry Door
  • Front and Rear Air-Conditioning and Heaters
  • Freedman Passenger Seating with Upgraded Upholstery
  • Two (2) Wheelchair Positions
  • Street Side Exhaust Routed Away from Rear Luggage Door
  • Reverse Alarm
  • Entry Assist Handrails
  • Braun Wheelchair Lift
  • Used Bus for Sale, Pre-Owned Bus for Sale