2018 ElDorado Advantage DX

Total Passengers: 23
Wheelchair Positions: 2
Storage: None
Mileage: 0
Engine Type: 6.8L V10 GASOLINE ENGINE
AC: 105K BTU
Luggage: None
Condition: New
Job#: 12248CB
Location: Nationwide

The engineers at ElDorado have developed the premier steel frame bus, built for larger capacities, but also built in accordance with ElDorado’s commitment to quality.  ElDorado is synonymous with quality and reliability.  Their newest offering, the Advantage, is built for fleets that are most familiar with steel frame buses, but are tired of the upkeep associated with them.  To buck that trend, the Advantage is built with fiberglass exterior panels, which do not rust, dent or paint chip.  The flooring is assembled in a three-step undercoating process that ensures longevity.  In short, if you plan on keeping a bus for long time, look no further.


  • 20+2 Wheelchair or 22+1 Wheelchair Configuration (With Fold-Away Seats)
  • Deluxe Model Based Content
  • Ford Bus Chassis
  • 105K BTU Rear Air-Conditioning
  • Two (2) 45K BTU Rear Heaters
  • Back-Up Camera with Driver’s LCD Screen
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Inserts
  • Curbside-Rear Wheelchair Lift Position
  • Braun New Century Wheelchair Lift
  • Two (2) Possible Wheelchair Positions
  • One (1) Double Fold-Away Seat at Wheelchair Position
  • WC18 and WC19 Complaint Q’Straint Wheelchair Restraints
  • Premium Grey Gerflor Flooring, for Superior Slip Resistance
  • Airline-Style Seat Belts, For Passengers with Arthritis
  • Cloth Ceiling for Sound Abatement Purposes