Finding the Perfect Ride: Questions For Your Potential Bus Dealer

30 passenger school bus When your transportation needs exceed the standard number of passengers, you’re going to need a bigger bus.

Whether you’re in need of a 30 passenger school bus, a charter van, or a fleet of luxury buses, there is a dealer out there who can cater to every one of your needs.

But when narrowing down your options, you need to make sure you’re asking the right questions. After all, you want to make sure you’re doing business with a trustworthy dealer that cares about the quality of their vehicles and your passengers’ safety.

So when you have your potential candidates lined up, here’s what you need to ask to find the vehicle that meets your needs.

Do they offer vehicles that are ADA approved?

Between 2017 and 2018, it was reported that the ridership of people with special needs had increased. Having a bus that is wheelchair accessible is important whether you’re looking at school buses or assisted living vehicles. Accessibility for everyone matters.

Does the dealer offer financing?

This is a good question to ask when you first come into contact with you potential bus dealership.

If so, what kind of payment plan can they set up? This is a great way to bridge from safety and ADA regulations to financial requirements.

Are there any service fees?

If so, what are they and how much. It’s good to know before you put down your first down payment.

Is their business on social media?

Though the quality of a business doesn’t rely on how up to date they are on the web, having a solid web presence can give you a feel of how your potential seller conducts their business. Reading reviews from past customers is also extremely helpful. If they have a website, you can also check out their inventory and search for the vehicle you need.

Where are they located?

If they are nearby, that’s great! That’s less of a hassle. But realistically, they might be based in another city or state. Ask about whether they ship to your home state or country.

Do they have a vehicle that meets my necessary safety requirements?

If you’re in the market for a 30 passenger school bus, make sure they offer a vehicle with these crucial regulations:

  • Does it have ADA wheelchair ramps for children who are handicapped?
  • Are all the mirrors intact
  • Is it safe to drive on the highway?
  • Are there serious signs of damage on the chassis?
  • What about rust?

A 30 passenger school bus is one of the safest vehicles out there. It’s sturdy and large enough to protect the students in case of an accident, but you want to make sure the bus meets all of these requirements to further ensure their well being while on the road.

Choosing your bus dealer wisely

If your potential bus dealer was able to answer all of your questions and meet your specific accommodations, congratulations! You’re one step closer to owning the perfect bus. Finding a transparent company, that makes you feel comfortable while making such a big purchase is key. So when you’ve found someone who has your best interest in mind, you’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing your passengers will be able to get from point A to B safely and reliably.

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