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The Eight Types of School Buses

The one thing school buses have in common is their yellow paint job, but they don’t always look alike. You will find some that are short, some with flat fronts, and others that look like an oversize taxi. No matter what the difference is, all school buses much be manufactured with in accordance with the… Read more »

What to consider before buying a bus

So you want to buy a bus With the rise of the millennial trend to minimize and downsize . . . what’s the word? Ah yes. Minimalism. Converting sprinter vans and buses into a home on wheels is all the rage. However most of you aren’t here to convert a bus into a home. You… Read more »

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Different types of School Bus

Gearing Up A School Bus Fleet If you are looking to purchase a fleet of buses for a school or another reason, it is important to understand all of the different options you have. From a heavy duty bus, transit-style school bus, flat nose bus, or dog nose bus, there are a lot of options…. Read more »

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Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying a Bus

Buying a bus is not like buying a car — it’s much more complicated and can be a long process. But there are plenty of buses being bought for a variety of reasons. Assisted living homes may need buses with seating options for up to 30 passengers to transport their residents. This is especially with… Read more »

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What Makes For An Accessible Bus?

Unfortunately, as drivers get on in years, the likelihood of their being involved in a car accident goes up dramatically. Drivers between 70 and 74 years of age are significantly more likely to end up in a fatal crash, and the number only goes up from there. This is why it is essential that transport… Read more »

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4 Signs It’s Time To Invest In A New Bus

Spring is right around the corner, which means now is the best time for bus maintenance and repairs. Even the sturdiest and most heavy duty bus can wear out and needs some elbow grease to keep going throughout the year. But how do you know if your vehicle needs bus maintenance and repairs or if… Read more »