3 Ways to Spot a Reputable Bus Dealer

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As of 2016, 976,161 buses were registered in America. These buses provide transportation for groups that include school districts, assisted living properties, the public transportation system, and special needs students according to Schetky Bus and Van Sales.

Because purchasing a bus is such an important investment, they suggest the following three ways to spot a reputable bus dealer.

1. Look For Extensively Trained Drivers.

Schetky Bus and Van Sales believes that the safety of all passengers should be the primary concern of the bus dealer you choose. For this reason, they ensure that every driver, mechanic, and fleet operator is thoroughly trained. Their educators will make certain to cover all relevant topics with your drivers, encompassing route information, diagnosis of wiring systems, and how to properly perform a pre-trip inspection.

2. Check The Service and Warranty Offered.

Whether you’re purchasing a new bus or considering a used bus for sale, Schetky Bus and Van Sales recommends that you find out what type of parts inventory the company offers, as well as the maintenance, warranty, and services that are available. 

By carrying the most extensive parts inventory for every bus manufacturer and model, Schetky Bus and Van Sales ensures that the bus you purchase can be promptly repaired should the need arise. They also offer a warranty to address any issues you may encounter. You can rest easy knowing that your bus is properly maintained 

3. Check The Inventory of Available Buses.

Does the bus you’re considering meet the needs of the passengers you’ll be transporting? For example, studies show that 24% of all buses in a fleet are used to transport special needs students. Also, older drivers are more than two times more likely to have a medical issue resulting in traveling difficulties. Before purchasing a new or used bus for sale, make sure it’s a vehicle that meets your needs and the needs of your passengers.

Schetky Bus and Van Sales offers buses and senior living vans with wheelchair accessibility and walker storage to better meet the needs of seniors and individuals with special needs. 

When you invest in a bus, it’s crucial to seek out a reliable bus dealer. By asking about the training they offer, studying the service and warranty they offer, and ensuring that the bus in question meets all the needs of your passengers, you’ll be well-equipped to make the best decision for you and your passengers.

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