3 Warning Signs You Might Need A New Shuttle Van This Summer

Shuttle vans are great for ride-sharing, business travel, touring, and transporting seniors. But even the most useful and sturdy of buses will eventually need to be repaired or replaced after so many years on the road.

Now that we’re in the heart of summer, the last thing you want to be worried about is what could happen if your van breaks down. That said, here are three warning signs it might be time that you or your business invests in a new shuttle van this summer.

  1. Your dreading your vehicle’s next breakdown. As mentioned above, the last thing you want is for your van to break down on the side of the road during the summer months. If you’re driving seniors, this can be especially dangerous because seniors are more susceptible to heat-related illness. If you’re frequently worrying about your van’s next roadside engine-sputter session, it’s time to invest in a new van.
  2. The air conditioning doesn’t work (and other issues). There are many different reasons why your air conditioning might not be working. The most common reason is that your refrigerant is low. But the problem could also be that there’s a leak or you need a new compressor belt. Depending on the issue, a new air conditioning system for your van can cost a pretty penny. And if you have other repairs that are needed in your van, it may actually be cheaper to invest in a new vehicle instead of trying to repair your old one.
  3. Your van has been in more than one accident. The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are known as the 100 Deadliest Days, according to the American Automobile Association. If your shuttle van has been in more than one accident, not only is your van’s value depreciated but it also might be less safe to drive because certain safety features may not operate like they’re meant to. The safety of those who are riding in your van is vital, which is why you’ll need to replace your vehicle as soon as it becomes unsafe to operate.

Ready for new shuttle vans?

Ride-sharing isn’t just economical, it’s also great for the environment because it cuts down on carbon emissions. Just last year, Americans used public transportation up to 9.9 billion times. But in order to do ride-sharing right, especially for your business, you need shuttle vans that work properly.

If you’re looking for new shuttle vans or luxury buses, Schetky Northwest Sales has the vehicle that meets your needs. For more information on our luxury and heavy duty transit buses, contact Schetky Northwest Sales today.