Schetky Bus and Van Sales is a top national dealer in conversion and mobility van sales. Our vehicles are ideal for any purpose, and we offer a wide range of vans to accommodate your needs. Whether you are looking to purchase an airport shuttle van, a 4wd passenger tour van, or a high-end executive van, Schetky has been a fixture in transportation since 1942 and we look forward to working with you!

Meridian Specialty Vehicles Smartbus

Meridian has chosen the Eurovan as the standard for its Smartbus® platform because, well, it's smart! While slightly narrower than American vans, the Eurovans are HUGE inside and outperform other manufacturers in these measurable ways:

  • Two Times the interior volume,
  • Two feet of increased interior headroom,
  • Four feet longer passenger area,
  • 1,000 pounds more payload capacity,
  • Seats as many as 4 additional passengers comfortably (up to 19 PAX),
  • Over two times the real-world fuel mileage (19 MPG vs. 6-9 MPG),
  • Over three times the service interval (10,000 mile oil changes vs. 3,000 miles)
  • An engine with over twice the expected life...

At Meridian your passengers' and employees' safety is second to none. Every Meridian bus has been built to meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS ), including seating and 3-point seatbelt safety standards – you might be surprised how many of our competitors buses do not meet these standards! Without complete and proper testing, no manufacturer has any idea what will happen to passengers belted into their seats in an accident – this is not a corner you want to cut and certainly one that Meridian would never consider.

Second only to safety, Meridian strives to provide the most comfortable riding experience for your passengers. Our standard cabin air conditioning and heating systems are oversized, providing for comfortable temperatures in the most demanding environments (remember, we're located in Montana and Las Vegas – we know extreme!), our standard seats are high-end, our custom LED interior lighting is standard and second to none in design elegance and function, backup cameras and monitors are standard and we build in all of these features on one of the worlds' most comfortable and stable, ESP-equipped chassis with the highest payload available.

ElDorado Amerivan Wheelchair Minivan

The Amerivan PT represents the best in a premium quality lowered-floor minivan for light transit use. Amerivan PT offers all the renowned construction features of the consumer version in an economical, sturdy commercial version. Amerivan PT includes "Quick Release" removable front passenger seating, optional fold-down middle seat and enhanced rear seat capacity for optimum passenger load. Our sturdy manual fold-out ramp has an easy to use swing out gate feature for quick and clear access for all your passengers.

MV-1 by AM General

Whether you're a member of the disability community or you service the disability community, the MV-1, the first true mobility vehicle, was created with your specific needs in mind. After all, it was your vital input that helped us build it. Every part, every design element, every piece of engineering points toward taking you from place to place with comfort, ease and dignity. Get to know the one and only mobility transportation solution that rolls right off the assembly line ready for wheelchair accessibility that meets or exceeds the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines by examining its features in greater detail.

National Van Wheelchair Van

All National Wheelchair Accessible vans are custom-built to your specifications; fully FMVSS, ADA and Ford QVM compliant. So, if you seek a trustworthy ambulette, this vehicle is perfect for you. Available in multiple floorplans and wheelchair arrangements, this van suits many needs.

National Van Shuttle

Available with or without a raised roof, the National Shuttle Series offers the economical vehicle solutions that just make sense.

Rule #1 – Keep it Simple.
Rule #2 – Provide Choices.

The Shuttle Series offers intelligent choices that enable you to meet your Clients' needs. NVB offers the passenger count, luggage capacity, seating options, and functional amenities your service requires at prices that work for you.

The NVB Shuttle Series combines functionality, durability and value to create the shuttle that works and keeps on working for you hour after hour, year after year.

Our 10, 11 and 12 Passenger Center-Aisle Models offer over 60cu.ft of luggage capacity. For larger groups, our 14 Passenger Model forfeits the luggage but not the added convenience or comfort.