Schetky is proud to offer alternative energy sources for vehicles. Since our beginning in 1942, Schetky has offered and serviced vehicles in a multitude of industries for many different uses. We have been active in the alternative fuel industry since its inception in the 1970's as a result of the first international oil embargoes. Since that time we have helped implement the first Propane and Natural Gas conversions, assisted fleets with the transition to Clean Diesel, and are now ushering in the newest technology with All-Electric and Hybrid conversions.

Today, these technologies are being used to save fleets considerable money while reducing their environmental footprint. Alternative fuels and green vehicle technology have reached a point in development where they make more than just ecological sense for your vehicles, they make budgetary sense as well.

Schetky's mission is to offer the newest technology for green fleets. We will work with you during the entire process, from purchase through its useful life, to service your fleet and support your business endeavors. Our longevity in transportation is attributed to providing the best products and the best service, while never forgetting the most important thing is you, our customer. Let's take a look at the green technology we offer:

* Additional models are available. Ask your sales representative for more information.