2019 World Trans 12+2 Deluxe

Total Passengers: 14
Wheelchair Positions: 2
Storage: Walker Storage
Mileage: 0
Engine Type: 6.8L V10 GAS
AC: 105K BTU
Luggage: Walker Storage
Condition: New
Job#: 12744CB
Location: Nationwide

Awards and Accolades

  • Most Popular Mid-Cost 12+2 Bus
  • Highest Safety Content
  • Most Comfortable Interior
  • 2019 Top-Selling Senior Living Bus
  • No Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Required in All States (Except CA)

This E-series was updated for 2019 with the newest safety features, World Trans buses provide the ultimate in comfort, quietness, and window space.  With windows that are 40% larger than the industry standard, your customers will have the greatest available field of vision.  Schetky’s buses come with large 105K BTU Air-Conditioning, and the largest available heaters, so our buses will work equally as well in Arizona as they will in Alaska.  It’s the ultimate bus, built for all climates.


  • 12+2 Wheelchair Configuration
  • Deluxe Model Based Content
  • Ford Bus Chassis
  • Walker Storage Rack
  • 105K BTU Rear Air-Conditioning
  • 65K BTU Rear Heater
  • Back-Up Camera with Driver’s LCD Screen
  • Stainless Steel Wheel Inserts
  • Curbside-Rear Wheelchair Lift Position
  • Braun New Century Wheelchair Lift
  • Two (2) Wheelchair Positions
  • WC18 and WC19 Complaint Q’Straint Wheelchair Restraints
  • Premium Grey Gerflor Flooring, for Superior Slip Resistance
  • Airline-Style Seat Belts, For Passengers with Arthritis
  • Cloth Ceiling for Sound Abatement Purposes
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